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Stock Code:603338
Main spec.
Working height:5.90m
Important features
Folded Handrails:Convenient on storage,transportation and traction into standard door and elevator.
Extended Platform:Improve enormously on working space.
Turning Radius:Improve the drive performance on narrow space.
Automatic Pothole Protection:Improve enormously on trafficability and traction safety on elevated position.
Intelligent Control on ECU:Integration with leveling sensor,button switch, key switch,emergency stop,buzzer,touch display screen;Remove position limit switches,Anti crush switch, angel sensor by Potentiometer,which to reduce faults possibility from massive electrical parts.


Model JCPT0607DCS
Max. Working Height(CE/ANSI)A 5.60m/5.90m
Max. Platform Height(CE/ANSI)B 3.60m/3.90m
Overall Length(With Ladder) C 1.44m
Overall Length(Without Ladder) 1.29m
Overall Width D 0.76m
Overall Height(Rails Up) E 2.03m
Overall Height(Rails Down) 1.67m
Platform Size(Length×Width F) 1.29m×0.70m
Platform Extension Size G 0.60m
Ground Clearance(Stowed) 0.06m
Ground Clearance(Raised) 0.015m
Wheel Base 1.05m


Model JCPT0607DCS
S.W.L 240kg
S.W.L On Extension 100kg
Max. Occupants 2
Turning Radius(Inside) 0.40m
Turning Radius(Outside) 1.55m
Travel Speed(Stowed) 4.0km/h
Travel Speed(Raised) 0.5km/h
Up/Down Speed 32/27sec
Gradeability 25%
Max. Working Slope  
CE 1.5°/3°
ANSI 2°/3°
Tyre Ф230×80mm


Model JCPT0607DCS
Battery 2×12V/85Ah
Charger 24V/10A
Driving Motor 2x24VDCV/0.4kW
Lifting Motor 24VDC/1.2kW


Model JCPT0607DCS
Weight(CE/ANSI) 880kg/880kg