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Engine Boom Lifts

The boom lifts are developed by Italy and Dingli in cooperation with the same platform. There are 14 types (Electric type/Engine type) in the whole series, among which 7 types are engine drive boom lifts, including telescopic boom lifts: BT type and articulating boom lifts: BA type. The maximum working height covers 24.3 ~ 30.3 meters and the maximum load is 454kg.
The whole series use the components moving down design, adhere to the family modular concept, rely on the world's leading technology American DANA, Germany Bosch Rexroth high pressure driving system and Danish Danfoss PVG hydraulic control system and a series of high-end performance security configuration, with large load, strong power, easy maintenance, high chassis, low fault, high energy saving, stable control, more flexible, easy to transport, and many other advantages.
GTBZ series for Self-propelled telescopic boom lifts work from 15.6~20.3 meters, adopts axle drive. They have the advantages of strong power, large load, easy maintenance , that can easily finish the scissors lifts , common boom lifts that cannot finish special tasks alone, also can complete the fork truck loading lifting function.