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Stock Code:603338
Telescopic Boom Lifts
Main spec.
● Max.Working Height:26.32m
● Max.Horizontal Reach:18.90m
● S.W.L:454kg
Important features
● Using the axle integrated 4WD system,better off-road performance
● Equipped with platform anti-extrusion device, start stop protection when extrusion occurs
● The whole series of parts is universal, lower parts storage cost, more efficient maintenance
● All the parts are at both sides of the chassis, making the maintenance more convenient
● The center of gravity moves down, the stability of the whole machine is stronger
● Container transport available

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Model BT26ERT
Max. Working Height 26.32m
Max.Platform Height 24.32m
Max.Horizontal Reach 18.90m
Overall Length(Stowed) 10.82m
Overall Length(Transport) 10.77m
Overall Width(Stowed) 2.50m
Overall Width(Transport) 2.28m
Overall Height(Stowed) 2.89m
Overall Height (Transport) 2.57m
Platform Size(Length×Width) 2.44m × 0.90m
Ground Clearance 0.41m
Wheelbase 2.80m


Model BT26ERT
S.W.L  454kg
Max. Occupants 3
Turntable Tailswing 1.61m
Turning Radius (Inside/Outside) 1.87m/3.22m
Turret Rotary 360° Continuous
Platform Rotation 180°
Jib Movement 135°
Travel Speed (Stowed) ≤6.0km/h
Travel Speed (Raised) ≤1.1km/h
Gradeability 30%
Maximum Working Slpoe X-5°/Y-5°
Tyre 385/45-28


Model BT26ERT
Lithium Battery 520Ah/80V
Charger 5kW/80V,12V
Hydraulic Tank 150L


Model BT26ERT
Weight 16090kg