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All HEIGHTS COVERED WITH 16-30.3m丨Dingli Electric Articulating Boom Lift’s New Member BA22ERT Is Coming!
Released time:2020-04-28 08:12:32

  Recently, Dingli’s pace into the electric era has been accelerating. After the comprehensive release of 7 self-developed electric boom series with working height ranging from 24.3 to 30.3 meters, the 2 electric rough-terrain scissor lifts with heavy load and maximum working height of 22 meters are also releasing behind.
  Now the new electric articulating boom lift, BA22ERT is officially launched, which increases the working height of BA20ERT by 2 meters. So far, the working height of Dingli electric boom lifts have covered from 16 to 30.3 meters.



Basic parameters:
● Max. Occupants: 2
● S.W.L:230kg
● Max. Working Height: 22.22m
● Max. Horizontal Reach: 12.43m
  BA22ERT continues the downward design of the whole parts, adheres to the family modular concept, and is equipped with a special axle for construction machinery, with multiple advantages such as noiseless, long endurance, easy maintenance, strong power, and high energy saving.

1. Pure Electric Drive

  Equipped with 375Ah tubular battery, the whole machine has no noise, zero emission, environmental protection and no pollution, and has an extremely long working time, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor working conditions with high environmental requirements such as residential areas, airports, shopping malls and other personnel activities.

[375Ah tubular battery]


2. Components Moving Down

  Adopt the whole components moving down design, the main part, the balance weight center of gravity moving down, the stability is better ;Components are located on both sides of the chassis for easy maintenance.

[Components Moving Down]


3. Strong Power

  Equipped with special construction axle, 4WD&4WS, gradeability is 30%, strong power. Even if three wheels slip, start differential lock, it still can move forward.

[Crab Steering& U Turn Steering]

[30% Gradeability]

[Differential Lock System]


4. Self Gravity to Decline(No Electric Power)

  The boom has the function of self gravity to decline, which can avoid the loss of electrical energy in the process of lowering the equipment, and is more economical.

[Self Gravity to Decline]

  The birth of BA22ERT will bring more energy saving and efficient working experience to the aerial working under complex working conditions. At present, the Dingli’s  electric boom series has covered 16~30.3 meters.

[BA22ERT Demo Video]
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